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Introducing: Dr. Don's Care Packages' Study Care Package

January 25, 2018

What a College Student Needs

By: Shannon McCarren, President

As a recent college graduate, I know how much students enjoy receiving a package in the mail; especially when you are starting a new semester or during stressful finals. Getting something in the mail from a loved one helps to  rejuvenate and bring joy to a challenging time. As I was receiving these packages, I noticed that they were nice gestures, but the items were mostly trinkets or counterproductive to successful college life (junk food!). This experience drove us to conceptualize the study care package.

College Care Packages

Our Expertise

Our mission is to make meaningful and useful care packages. Each of the products serve a goal of maximizing wellness and expressing care. We combined all of our knowledge about neurology and study strategies to create a system to maximize your student's potential for success. If your student incorporates our strategies into their daily lives, this purposeful action will guide them to find their own recipe for personal and academic achievement.

If you would like to hear about my inspiration for the study care package, please click the link below:

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