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Top Five Stocking Stuffers For College Students

December 07, 2017

Want vs. Need

By: Shannon McCarren, President

College is the transition time between childhood and adulthood; meaning that when the holidays roll around, your college-aged student is probably going to want to kick their feet up, spend some time with their family, and forget about their previous semester. Call it a mental and physical recharge!

The good news is that as a parent, you can set your student on the right path by utilizing your stocking stuffers for maximum benefit!

Top Five Things to give a College Student in their Stocking:

  1. Socks, Socks Socks: This might come as no shock to you but socks get lost all the time! It's even trickier when you are sharing a washer and dryer with everyone else in your building. Pick a pack of socks that have the same design and color so when the inevitable sock goes missing, there are many more back-ups.
  2. Batteries: Everything needs batteries. Whether it is the TV remote or a calculator, a college student will always find the need for every battery in that pack.
  3. Bluetooth Speakers: These are always a great little gift for a college student! They don't have to be anything fancy, but having a way to share music with your roommate or to crank up the tunes while they are some chores is never a bad thing.
  4. On-the-go Stain Remover & Wrinkle Release Spray: These things are magic! Most college students have to get a few rounds out of their clothes before being washed again, so these are some must have products.
  5. Mini First-Aid and Thermometer: Being prepared for the occasional injury or illness is a must! This is a great way to give long distance TLC.
Young adults returning from college for the holidays provide the perfect opportunity to gather together as a family. Thoughtful stocking stuffers are yet another way for parents to make college life a little easier and to show they care.

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