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About Dr. Don’s Care Packages

A Gift-Giving Story

The idea for Dr. Don’s Care Packages grew from a common problem. When a loved one or friend faces illness or stress, it can be hard to choose a gift that goes beyond a symbolic “hey you” and a hug to truly promote recovery and healing.

Dr. Don McCarren, a neurologist of 20 years, struggled with choosing a meaningful gift when his own mother faced cancer. Looking at typical floral arrangements and care packages, most contained inappropriate items for patients in hospital settings or under treatment. Even more so, the standard gifts contained nothing that would help a patient regain their wellness and health.

That was the seed for Dr. Don’s Care Packages: a doctor and a son’s wish to show compassion but also to help, in a meaningful way, with a loved one’s hardest life challenges.

Dr. Don and Family

Dr. Don McCarren, a neurologist for over 20 years; his wife Sarah, a pediatric nurse practitioner; and their daughter, Shannon, a public relations and marketing expert, put their heads together at the dinner table. How could they fill the need for meaningful gifts for those experiencing illness or stress? The answer they devised was Dr. Don’s Care Packages, launched in 2016.

Dr. Don’s Care Packages is a family business. Dr. Don and Sarah work together and collaborate with an expert advisory board to design thoughtful care packages tailored to specific medical situations and high-stress life events. The mother-daughter duo, Sarah and Shannon, manage the business and its growth. Their vision for the future is to develop gifts for many more of life’s challenges. They would like the blog to be a positive forum to share ideas and information. Sarah and Shannon envision Dr. Don’s Care Packages to be the “go-to” for caring individuals who want to participate in promoting wellness. 

Thoughtful Gifts that Promote Wellness

Dr. Don’s Care Packages delivers meaningful gifts that express care while offering real tools for wellness and recovery. Each care package is created with the goal of helping recipients heal and face life’s challenges by providing a thoughtful combination of tasty goodies, soothing remedies, helpful products and supportive resources tailored to specific needs and situations.

Dr. Don and Sarah considered engaging the senses, tapping into positive mental attitudes and optimizing physical health when choosing the gifts in each care package. All our care packages contain helpful tips related to sleep, nutrition, positive thinking and suggested daily schedules and goals. Lastly, tune-in to the blog for articles and discussions about optimizing physical, mental and spiritual health.