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Dr. Don's Care Packages FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions and answers that may be helpful.

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Q & A

Q: Why should we order your product when we have so many other choices?

Answer: Dr. Don’s Care Packages are a refreshing alternative to the traditional sympathy gifts of flowers, food or balloons. Dr. Don and his team have designed thoughtful care packages tailored to specific medical situations and high-stress life events. Each care package shows you care by providing tasty goodies, soothing remedies, helpful products and supportive resources with the specific goal of enhancing well-being.

Q: What makes you decide to put one product in the care package over another?

Answer: Dr. Don and Nurse Sarah have been practicing medical professionals for more than twenty years and have an overwhelming passion for healthcare. With their natural curiosity and enduring need to help, they are constantly researching different strategies and products to help people in their journey toward well-being. Each item has been carefully selected based on the product’s ability to give comfort, promote well-being and to bring joy to the patient.

Q: Are your products medically recommended?

Answer: At Dr. Don’s Care Packages, we chose products and share tips that in Dr. Don’s and Nurse Sarah’s professional opinion, will contribute to optimizing the client’s overall health. With that being said, we do not medically recommend any of the products in the care packages. Dr. Don’s Care Packages seeks to provide comfort-care products to put you at ease during a stressful time; in addition, every patient is different and deserves to be cared for in a way that speaks to both their physical and emotional needs.

Q: Can my non-profit business obtain tax-exempt status?

Answer:  Yes!  Simply email  Please include your tax-exempt number and the email associated with placing orders.  Any orders made from that email will be tax-exempt.  

Q: Why do you suggest mailing to a residence rather than a hospital?

Answer:  Delivery to people in hospitals is often unreliable due to room changes, unpredictable lengths of stay and loss of packages.  Dr. Don's Care Packages wants to make sure that help arrives and we cannot guarantee delivery to hospitals.