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Sympathy Care Package

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A Gift Loaded With Compassionate Care

Our Sympathy Care Package is loaded with compassionate care! The recipient of this package will receive support and encouragement to embark upon a purposeful journey intended to activate and optimize their health. The combination of comfort-care items and tips for nutrition, sleep, exercise, positive mental energy and daily schedules will convey your desire to help. Your special someone will receive the following rationale for each item in their care package in order to create a purposeful journey toward well-being:

1. Wellness Tips: May Beauty Grow From The Seeds of Sorrow

Dr. Don's Condolence Tip SheetWe diligently rehab when we break a bone but do very little purposeful action for a broken heart. Caring for yourself through times of grief is imperative. The journey with grief is highly individual but everyone can share similar goals. We will share our ideas regarding purposeful thought into eating, sleeping, exercising, corresponding and smiling.

2. Hydrating Lemon Drops

Claey’s® Old Fashioned Hard Candies: Lemon Drops
6-ounce bag

Claey’s® Old Fashioned Hard Candies: Lemon DropsThe refreshing essence of lemon fires-up your salivary glands and hydrates your mouth. While you savor your lemon drop, take a few minutes to consider how to make lemonade out of lemons!

3. Stress-Freeing Aroma Candle — Eucalyptus & Bamboo Scented

3-ounce glass jar

Stress-Free Aroma Candle — Eucalyptus & Bamboo ScentedEmploy your sense of smell to create a calm environment and enhance your well-being. Eucalyptus is known to have a calming, sedative effect that promotes relaxation. Also, smell is our strongest connection to memory. Use this opportunity to retrieve smiling memories and purposefully create positive new ones. Take a deep breath and enjoy the fresh scents of eucalyptus and bamboo!

4. Forget-Me-Not Seed Packet

Packet size: 4 in x 6-1/2 in

Forget-Me-Not Seed PacketFind just the right place to sprinkle these seeds and watch them grow. As you see these blue beauties peek out each spring, remember your loved-one and the happy memories you shared. The packet reads: “May Beauty Grow from the Seeds of Sorrow”

5. Dr. Don's Care Packages Logo Tea Mug

Classic glass tea mug with lid.
8.5 oz

Dr. Don's Care Packages Logo Tea Mug and Calming TeasRecognize the value of optimism and keep your glass half-full. Fill your mug with our comfort-care teas and enjoy! Feel the warmth, inhale the calm and taste the soothing flavors of well-being.

6. Calming Teas

Stash® Tea, six individually foil-wrapped tea bags, three varieties
Blended in USA, with ingredients from around the world

Drinking tea can be an amazingly calming experience. We have selected these teas for you to enjoy. Many people find ginger and/or mint soothing on their stomach. Sipping a chamomile tea at bedtime can trigger your mind into a quieting routine for proper sleep hygiene. Feeling anxious? Be still with a cup of tea!

7. Ready-To-Go Tissue Travel Pack

3-pack of Kleenex®, 3-ply tissues
10 tissues/pack

Ready-To-Go Tissue Travel Pack  3Be prepared to hit the road with this 3-pack of tissues. Drop a pack in your pocket or purse just in case your tear ducts overflow.

8. Moisturizing Lip Balm

Carmex® Original Lip Balm
0.15 oz stick

Carmex® Original Lip Balm Employ your sense of touch with a warming sensation on your lips. This lip balm keeps your lips moist and just feels good! Don’t forget about the most essential nutrient - water!

9. Lifesavers® Pep-O-Mints®

Individually wrapped
3.2-oz. Bag

Lifesavers® Pep-O-Mints®Refresh your breath and soothe your stomach. Employ your sense of taste to do a 2-minute mindfulness exercise. Focus on the flavor of peppermint and let your worries float away!  These individually wrapped mints are perfect for sharing.  

10. Greeting Cards with Envelopes – 4 pack

Folded note cards with envelopes
5.5” x 4”

Greeting Cards with EnvelopesShowing your appreciation to others is a sure way to lighten your mood. Write a gratitude card to a V.I.P. in your life. Express your birthday wishes for the month. You can even use the cards to journal positive thoughts throughout the day.

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